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mgm technology partners - Frankfurter Ring 105a - D-80807 München - 3. OG - 19:00 Uhr

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Create powerful trading robots with JForex API

Vortrag in Englischer Sprache

Bernhard Schicht


Robots are more and more commonly used in the financial markets.
Have you ever dreamed creating your own automatic trading algorithm?
This presentation will give you a beginner’s guide to one of the most sophisticated Java trading platforms - JForex.
We will implement a simple robot in Java using the JForex API. After creation we will test and optimize it for trading the EUR/USD market.

You will be introduced into the following topics and techniques:

  • Foreign exchange market (Forex)
  • Broker Dukascopy and their main concept of the JForex platform
  • Robot structure in Java using JForex API
  • Definition of a trading setup
  • We implement the robot and compile it
  • Back testing of our robot
  • Optimization of the robot
  • We start the robot on a server for fully automated trading
  • Quick resources guide, pros and cons of algorithmic trading, outlook

Within 90 min you will get an idea how robot Java programming works on JForex and why this API helps you a lot while programming. After this little approach you might be able to dare the next step: develop your own simple robot!




Securing a search engine while maintaining usability

Vortrag in Englischer Sprache

Alexander Reelsen


Elasticsearch - being an integral part of the Elastic Stack - is known for its full-text search and analytics ability.

Elasticsearch is running on tens of thousands of nodes world-wide, so despite all the functionality squeezed into new releases, we also have to think about security, all the time. This talk will cover different aspects of Elasticsearch, explain some features and (sometimes unpopular) decisions and the reasoning behind. This talk will cover:

* Usage of the Java Security Manager including integration with plugins
* Production vs. Development mode
* System Call Filtering
* Our own scripting language called Painless, which superseded all other scripting languages like MVEL, Groovy or Javascript
* X-Pack security features

The goal of this talk is not (only) to show off Elasticsearch features. You start thinking about these non-functional requirements in your own applications as well!



Human-Centric Workflow mit Imixs-Workflow

ein Münchner Open Source Projekt


Ralph Soika


Imixs-Workflow ist eine human-centric Workflow Engine, mit der sich Geschäftsprozesse mit Hilfe von BPMN in Businessanwendungen integrieren lassen.
Aber was bedeutet Human-Centric? Und wie unterscheidet sich eine Human-Centric Workflow Engine von einer BPM-Engine?
Anhand von Modellen und Code Beispielen wird das Prinzip sowie der praktische Einsatz verdeutlicht.




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