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Are you still manually coding form-based UIs?

Jonas Helming

Manual development of data-centric, form-based UIs is tedious. Existing UI technologies such as JavaFX or HTML are powerful, but not focused on developing forms. Developers struggle with the development, maintenance, and testability of forms, especially if the underlying data model is complex and subject to frequent change. Finally, the UI must be redeveloped for all target client platforms - from desktop over web to mobile or embedded.

In this talk, we introduce a declarative approach of developing form-based UIs. Instead of manual coding based on a certain technology, UIs are described by a simple a focussed DSL (a.k.a UI model). The UI declaration is then interpreted by an adaptable rendering engine for the respective platform.

After a conceptual overview, we introduce and demonstrate two open source implementations of the approach, one for desktop applications (EMF Forms) and one based on a native web stack (JSON Forms). Along this, we show how to get started with UI modeling, how to adapt the frameworks to custom needs as well as major advantages and common pitfalls.

Both demonstrated frameworks are very actively developed under the EPL and therefore free of use even in commercial environments.




Vaadin für industrielle Projekte

Sven Ruppert




Blockchain Workshop

Thomas Deniffel

Did you ever ask yourself how this kind of new thing - Blockchain - work? Did you ever ask why it is such a hype and why it should revolutionize the way how we interact with parties, that we don't know? Until today Blockchains are just a big hype especially with crypto-currencies, but there are coming more and more severe applications where you need trust between parties that do not know each other.
To see the potential about blockchains you have to understand it and we as programmers can understand a thing entirely as soon we have done it with our own hands.
And this is it, what this workshop is all about: We create our blockchain. Everyone is coding and after we finish we will mine and try to destroy the blockchain - the later is a hard thing to do, because it is self-healing as we will see.
Are you afraid that you can't type fast enough? No problem. There are nine checkpoints where you can type 'git checkout ...' and you are synchronized with the presentation.
There will be a short theoretical part at the beginning where everybody has time to start the system followed by about 2 hours of coding followed by mining and testing the system in edge cases.

Thomas is a technology enthusiast and CEO of the company Skytala GmbH where he creates full stack applications for customers. During the last ten years, working in different domains, people, and technologies. He has seen many different techniques and learned to avoid following technology hypes, but judging them first. His responsibility within the company has recently shifted towards the exploration of the latest outcomes of science and the proofing of applicability of current trends in technology.




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