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Sofern bei der Veranstaltung nichts anderes angegeben ist:
Zeit: Beginn 19:00 (Einlass i. d. R. ab 18:30)

Ort: Hotel Eden-Wolff, Arnulfstraße 4, 80335 München

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Nächste Meetings:


Java Community Process

Executive Committee

Ort: Hotel Eden-Wolff, Arnulfstraße 4, 80335 München

Meet members of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee (EC) is the group of Members guiding the evolution of Java technology in the Java Community Process (JCP). The EC represents both major stakeholders and a representative cross-section of the Java Community. The EC is responsible for approving the passage of specifications through key points of the JCP and for reconciling discrepancies between specifications and their associated test suites. Originally there were two ECs (the SE/EE EC and the ME EC); these were merged with JCP 2.9.

Talk 1 - Intro to JCP

Heather VanCura

Much of the success of the Java programming language can be attributed to how the language evolves and how the worldwide community of Java developers collaborates in that evolution. It is you— members of the Java community who makes that possibility a reality.

The Java Community Process (JCP) Program is the process by which the international Java community standardizes and ratifies the specifications for Java technologies. We are celebrating 25 years of community collaboration in the JCP program and looking forward to the future innovations and community collaboration in the years to come. Learn what’s new in the platform and how to participate in the community.

The JCP has evolved over time from that first version of the process, with each iteration of the JCP revised every update to the JCP has focused on maintaining the value of community collaboration together with the JCP Executive Committee.


Talk 2 - Java Community Process Panel Discussion
(panelists from Amazon, Alibaba, Bellsoft, Microdoc, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP)

Heather VanCura

Learn how Java Industry Leaders are Moving Java Forward into the Future - Java 21 and Beyond

Meet the JCP EC Member representatives responsible for guiding the evolution of the Java platform. Learn about their favorite things happening in the Java Community and the features they are most looking forward to in Java SE in Java 22 and beyond.


Talk 3 - Java and Green Masterplan

Miro Wengner

Without changing current policies, the OECD predicts that by 2050 the world economy will be four times larger than it is today. It means generating an 80% increase in the amount of energy we consume. Rising the importance of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced, calculation intensive, techniques only increases to the energy necessity. The prediction can lead to rethinking developed or newly launched applications from different perspectives. Energy consumption is slowly becoming part of the equation.

In this presentation, we explore the “green” benefits of various platforms and languages ??(C, NodeJS, Java, Python, etc.). By filing similar cases to maintain fairness, we will collectively reveal the improvements that have been made throughout the evolution of the Java platform to today's new and last LTS release, Java 21.


Practical aspects of persistence and Clean Architecture

Daniel Istvan Buza

Ort: Hotel Eden-Wolff, Arnulfstraße 4, 80335 München

Over a decade has passed since Robert C Martin posted and article about Clean Architecture, making the concept a frequently discussed topic. Still, most the discussions are limited to the theoretical background, and not necessarily paying attention to the practical details of implementation. This session places the main focus on how theoretical decisions can influence the actual source code and how language features can be utilized to improve the quality of implementation. Furthermore, a non-standard property-based way of defining persistence API is also to be discussed. Slides are accompanied by several source code examples too.


Fail again, fail better! Automated tests beyond unit-tests

Daniel Istvan Buza

Ort: Hotel Eden-Wolff, Arnulfstraße 4, 80335 München

Automated testing is a large topic, which drives us way beyond unit-test. In this session the technical details of various solutions, as well as lessons learned are to be presented. The session includes a summary about end-to-end tests based on Junit and Playwright and acceptance tests based on Junit, using Spring Boot Tests, Playwright, Cucumber and embedded MongoDB. The second approach also includes lessons about the challenge of setting up a full-featured Frontend-Backend pair in a CICD pipeline, and also led to various learnings about mocking different external dependencies (such as S3, Kafka, REST-APIs). The aim of the presentation is to share the practical experiences and compare the benefits and challenges of different approaches.




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